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Porsche 911
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Porsche 911 2.4S Targa 1973
Matching numbers
Color 8310 greenmetallic
Interior 12 Black vinyl with black perloncord middle.

Original factory options :

258=Nakkestøtter højre + venstre side
409=Recaro sportssæder h.+v. side
425=Bagrude visker
426=Alu lister på skærmkanter
568=Tonede ruder

Only 925 cars are produced.

Greenmetallic is a speciel order body color and very rare, app. under 2% of the cars where ordered in that colour


This is how the car looked when i bought it Nice and in good shape, but as so many of its fellow cars from the seventies it had some hidden secrets......
Engine :

2.4 with 190 HP at 6500 rpm.

216Nm at 5200 rpm.


Best of both worlds....

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